Which Brow Shape Is Most Flattering?

Do you back away from the tweezers when it comes to brows? Eyebrows are arguably one of the most important features on your face—they frame your eyes and express your personality. That's why we turned to Beverly Hills-based brow goddess Anastasia Soare—who has tweezed every celebrity A-lister from Kim Kardashian to Oprah—to learn about the best brow-shaping techniques for you.

The Original Art of Eyebrow Sculpting

I have been sculpting eyebrows and teaching the technique for nearly 20 years. In that time I have seen all kinds of self-expression from well-meaning make-up artists trying to be edgy and utterly confused "do-it-yourselfers" who clearly fell face first into the looking glass. It pains me to see both women and men who sport poorly manicured brows so I decided to revisit the art of the sculpted brow and teach you how it's done.